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Norway occupies the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula in northern Europe. It is bordered by the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea in the west, Russia, Finland and Sweden in the east.

A third of the country lies above the Arctic Circle and in the summer there are prolonged periods when there is daylight for 24 hours. Hence the name ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun.' However from late November to late January there's darkness in the north as the sun never rises above the horizon. At this time daylight hours are very short in the rest of the country.

Oslo is the capital city and the financial centre. The Edvard Munch Museum and the Viking Ship Museum (Vikinskiphuset) are popular with tourists. Bergen is a lively port and is also a natural gateway to the fjords. By far the most famous of Norway's geological natural wonders are the fjords in the southwest. These are deep indents cut into the land, flooded by the sea after the last ice age. Jostedalsbreen, Europe's largest glacier is a 7 hour drive from Oslo. Here you can ski, fish, rock climb and go on glacier hikes.

Norway accommodation
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Land of the Midnight Sun
Walking and Hiking

Norway is also a popular summer destination as the weather can be hot, and there are many fine beaches.

The country has several international airports and is well connected to the rest of Europe. Catching yhe train from Denmark and Sweden is another option. Internally there are domestic airlines, and as distances between places are great this should be considered. There are also good roads, trains and bus services.

Despite its northerly location, Norway has a surprising temperate climate.

Norway seems to have more than its fair share of natural beauty and amazing natural phenomena. Known for its spectacularly beautiful fjords; the steep sided, snow-capped mountains are reflected in the calm, icy waters broken only by the odd seal or the wake of a fishing boat. Glaciers and waterfalls all compete to dazzle and impress visitors.

Known as the land of the midnight sun, summer day are literally endless, with dusk around 2am swiftly followed by dawn at 4am. Conversely, winter days and nights are one, with the sun barely appearing over the horizon. However the chance of seeing the aurora borealis makes all this worthwhile. The neon colors of the dancing light patterns are quite unnatural and leave you understanding why this country believes so strongly in trolls, spirits and the underworld. Norway also has some amazing thermal springs, just to prove that beneath all that permafrost there really is a raging furnace of molten magma.


Norway is an easy place to visit. Although Norwegian is the official language, many Norwegians speak English fluently. Norway’s vast natural resources have enabled it to remain strongly independent. Norway is not a member of the European Union and has retained the Kroner as its currency. Norway surprisingly is the fourth largest oil exporter in the world, as well as having huge natural gas reserves, fish, timber and minerals. Norway has an enviable sovereign wealth fund and is well able to offer a high standard of living and a comfortable retirement for its citizens. Visitors will find the cost of living in Norway higher than the UK or the USA Visas are not generally required for visits of up to 3 months.

With just 4.8 million residents, Norway is sparsely populated. Known as the Wild West of Europe, Norway is a delightful place to visit and offers great opportunity for snow sports, cultural experiences, amazing wildlife, historic stave churches, cruises on the fjords and access to the Arctic Circle. Norway should be top of any serious travel wishlist.

In the southern part of Norway, you will see many sea birds. Foxes, deer, moose (elk) and wolverines are also common as you travel further north. Once you reach the High Arctic circle, expect to see polar bears, whales and walrus. 

Explore the Kollhellaren Caves at Revsvika which have some wonderful cave paintings estimated to be 3000 years old.

Norway offers breathtaking natural scenery and the opportunity to experience some unique natural phenomena. Where else can you ski on a glacier, dine in a world class restaurant and party till dawn without it ever going dark? Whether you plan to travel by train, boat, hiking or driving, Norway is a continuous photographic opportunity. Make sure you enjoy at least some of the following natural features.

Think of majestic fjords, the midnight sun, the legendary Northern Lights and glistening ice-scapes and you have Norway’s attractions in a nutshell. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a lot more! Norway’s beautiful scenery during both winter and summer is the country’s signature attraction. The two-day train journey between Bergen and Oslo through the picturesque fjords and mountain valleys is world famous and a must-do attraction in Norway. Stay over halfway at the lakeside village of Flam, take a short boat ride on the fjord and then complete the rest of this unforgettable journey by train.

Remember when visiting Norway you’re in the land of the Vikings and in most Norwegian towns you’ll find Viking museums and cultural attractions depicting the civilization and history of the Vikings. Be sure to visit the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo as well as the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, a town in the spectacular Lofoten islands.

A must-see attraction in Norway is the mysterious and mythical Northern Lights, a dancing curtain of colors seen in the skies of northern Norway, especially above the Arctic Circle. Visit the town of Tromsø where expert guides take you on nightly outings to spot the Northern Lights. While in the area, be sure to book other guided attractions such as dog sled rides and snow mobile outings into the natural beauty of northern Norway.

For a special treat spend a night at Norway’s only ice hotel – built from ice – in the village of Alta, north of Tromsø. Your room is made of ice, and you’ll be sipping cocktails from goblets sculpted from ice – an unforgettable experience!


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